Nobody wants to deal with a car breaking down on the side of the road or, even worse, being in a car accident. It happens to thousands of people every day, though. When you find yourself in this situation, pay close attention to your surroundings and keep safety concerns first. If you call for a tow truck, don't make these common mistakes that can result in costs on multiple levels.

Mistake #1: Delaying a Call for a Tow Truck

Call for a tow truck after emergency calls have been made and after you make sure that everyone on the scene is safe. Some people put off calling for a tow truck for a long time, but that can result in long delays. Even if you don't want the tow truck to arrive immediately, it's a good idea to call the tow truck company and let them know that you are going to need a tow.

Mistake #2: Leaving the Scene of an Accident

If you have been an automobile accident, you cannot just up and leave without permission from the officers on the scene. The tow truck may arrive before the police are finished with what they need to do at the scene of the accident, but that doesn't mean you should just hop in the tow truck and go with your vehicle. Always make sure that the police know that you are leaving the scene, and be sure that all parties have your contact information.

Mistake #3: Making Promises to a Child You Can't Keep

When your car breaks down or you have an accident that necessitates a call for a tow truck, there are many variables that are out of your control. Depending on the time of day and other emergencies going on in the area, there may not be a tow truck available as quickly as it was the last time you needed one. During the process of calling for a tow truck and having your vehicle towed away, never make any promises to your child about things that are beyond your control.

Finally, keep in mind that you may be under heightened stress by the time you call for a tow truck. Having any kind of emergency with your vehicle is never fun, and facing the financial obligations that may come with repairs to the car can heighten your emotions. Try to keep calm and avoid these common mistakes, and you may soon find yourself de-stressed and behind the wheel of your car again.

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