Few experiences can be as frightening as riding down the street and pressing the brake pedal on your car, only to find that the car does not slow down because the brakes have gone out.  If this happens, it may seem that the brakes deteriorated out of the blue.  However, there are often subtle signs that precede a total breakdown that you may have ignored.  Use this information to learn more about the signs that your brakes are about to go on the fritz.

Your Car Vibrates When You Press The Brake

One of the telltale signs that your brakes are about to go out can be detected when you attempt to stop the car.  If you find that your vehicle begins to vibrate violently when you press down on the brake, it's time to get your automobile to a technician and have it inspected.

The reason why your car vibrates may be because the brake pad has worn away to such an extent that there is no cushion in place to absorb some of the force that is generated when you accelerate.  The vibrations can be quite jarring, and may even continue on for some time after you've come to a complete stop.

It can be quite easy to ignore this sign or take it as normal, but it is anything but.  While there may be vibrations when you try to stop at short distances, your car shouldn't vibrate when you are completing a regular halt.

Your Car Pulls To One Side When Braking

Another sign that your brakes need to be seen by a professional is when your car pulls to one side when you are braking.  This could indicate that the brake linings are wearing away and need to be replaced.

Your brakes have a very intimate relationship with your tires.  If the brake linings on your car are being prematurely worn away, it can definitely have an effect on your driving experience.  Even the steering wheel itself may start to involuntarily pull to one side when you brake. 

When this happens, don't wait.  Get your car to a specialist right away so you can find out what the problem is.

Heeding the signs is the key to making sure that you don't find yourself in a dangerous situation because your brakes are bad.  If any one of these symptoms crops up, get your car seen by an auto brake repair professional as soon as possible.