If you are planning on selling your car, then you probably have spent time cleaning out the interior, and also brought the car to a mechanic to make sure the spark plugs are working, the battery terminals are clean, and the car has had an oil change and new filter installed. However, there are some body and glass issues that you need to take care of. Often times a potential car buyers first impression of your car will come from the body, paint, and glass, not what's under the hood. So, make sure that you have the following issues taken care of.

Get Any Dents Pulled

Dents need to be dealt with. If someone sees a dent, they will immediately get turned of by the car. They might imagine an accident, and the potential damage that might have occurred. This could lead them to think that the car was totaled and you are hiding the accident from them. They will worry if there is some serious axle damage that they can't see, but which will come back and cause them trouble in a few months or a year. So, get a bodywork guy to come and pull the dents. If they are unable to pull the dents without cracking the paint, then you will also need to have new paint applied to the car.

Touch Up Any Paint Scratches

When it comes to scratches, you need to handle them. If they are very minor, you might be able to get a bodywork shop to buff them out with polish. This is a great solution that won't cost a lot of money. On the other hand, if the scratches are very deep, then you will need to have them filled and the body will need to be painted. This is a bit more labor intensive, and will cost more than simply buffing them out, but it's totally worth it. If a potential buyer sees scratches on your car, it's a real turn off. They don't want to buy an "ugly" car, and just because they are buying a used car doesn't mean they will accept scratches and missing paint.

Fix Cracks On The Windshield

The other thing you need to take care of are the cracks on the windshield. These are actually dangerous, not just a cosmetic issue. If someone who is looking at the car sees these cracks, they will rightfully be upset and be disinclined to buy the car. They might imagine a scenario where they are traveling on the highway with their family and the windshield cracks, letting air and debris fly into the car and also send shards of glass all over them.

You can get a company, such as Coats Auto Body and Paint, to come to your house and fix your cards windshield. They might not even have to remove the entire windshield. They have tools that let them fix the crack and secure the window and prevent it from shattering.