As the cold weather approaches, it's time to make sure that your car is ready for winter. You should make sure that your car is up to date with all routine services and bring your car in for an oil change and fluid top off before the winter gets into gear. Beyond having the basics in your car, such as a scraper, some road salt, and a warm blanket, protecting your safety should be your top priority. If you must drive in inclement weather, you should consider snow tires and make sure that you car is in top working order to prevent the need for emergency roadside assistance.

Look at the Tread on Your Tires

While you can get away with tires that have a thin tread during the summer, when heading into winter you want to make sure that your tires are ready to handle tough road conditions. Bring your car to a mechanic and have your tires assessed to see if you should get new tires for the winter. You can consider snow tires, although many car owners go with all-weather tires that are sufficient for winter driving. Check your tire pressure at the same time as well.

Check Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers only last about a year. If you haven't replaced your wipers recently, it's probably time for a new pair. A good pair of wipers will keep your windshield free from snow and ice while you're driving. A worn down pair is going to make visibility difficult when the weather is bad.

Get Your Battery Checked

Car batteries lose charge over time, and cold weather can make a car battery lose its charge more rapidly. Have a mechanic test the life left on your car battery to avoid having a dead car in the morning because of the cold weather.

Look Under Your Car

Over time, small flaps or pieces of your exhaust system can start to hang down too low. While this isn't a problem when the weather is temperate, ice and snow built up on the road can get a hold on parts hanging down where they shouldn't be. Parts should be secured appropriately to avoid getting the entire piece ripped off by snow or ice. 

You can also put some light wax on your headlights to help prevent ice and snow from accumulating. This will help you see better when you are driving in a storm during the night. For more information, contact local professionals like Professional Automotive.