A quality mechanic will keep you safe by catching and fixing problems with your car and save you money by making pertinent recommendations and not overcharging you, or performing unnecessary work. Because the average person is unfamiliar with automotive problems, they rely on their chosen mechanic to be trustworthy. The problem is, finding a good mechanic can be a challenge. Here are three tips for finding a good auto repair shop. 

Research Before You Need a Mechanic

People tend to look for a mechanic when something goes wrong with their car, not beforehand. This makes it challenging to find a good mechanic because in these situations, you're typically in a rush to have your vehicle repaired, especially if you use it to commute to work, for example. When you're rushing to find a mechanic, you're less likely to have the time to research thoroughly, making it easy to choose an untrustworthy mechanic. When it comes to choosing a mechanic, one of the best things you can do to ensure that you find a quality repair service is to research before anything goes wrong with your car. 

Check Reviews

The Better Business Bureau and a number of other credible sites allow you to read reviews of businesses, including mechanic shops. You'll be able to view the mechanic's overall business rating, which is calculated differently depending on the site. The Better Business Bureau for instance uses over 12 factors to calculate the rating of a business, including how it responds to complaints and how many complaints have been filed. You can also find individual reviews. Keep in mind though that most people are inclined to write a review only when they are dissatisfied, which can distort the view of a mechanic who has hundreds of other satisfied customers. However, if you read many complaints about the same issues, you may want to head those warnings. 

Get Referrals

One of the best ways to find a quality mechanic is to ask around. Find out who your friends and family take their cars to, as you can be sure that they're less likely to steer you wrong. Check with your co-workers, friends, family and acquaintances. Let them know that you're looking for a reliable, trustworthy mechanic to take your vehicle to. Make a list of referrals. If you find that several of your friends and family are referring the same mechanic, you may want to start researching that one first. 

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