If your car's windshield is cracked or chipped, you may be tempted to save money and try to either repair the damage yourself or use a homemade remedy to keep the damage from spreading. However, trying to fix your damaged windshield could end up making the problem worse if you make any of the following mistakes.

Filling the Crack or Chip with Polish or Super Glue

While looking around online for ways to fix your windshield, you may have come across a few places that suggest using either clear fingernail polish or super glue to fill in small cracks and chips. The premise behind these homemade solutions is that the adhesiveness of either of these products will keep the glass together and keep it from breaking any further.

However, neither nail polish or super glue is designed for repairing auto glass. Chances are, your homemade filler would come loose and fall out of the crack or chip the first or second time you drive your car after you use it.

If it does not fall out, however, this filler would only serve to impede your line of vision. While the polish or glue would fill the crack or chip, the damage would still be there, blocking a small part of your view, especially if it is in front of the driver's seat.

Not only does the original damage block your vision, but the filler would eventually attract dirt and dust. The dirty filler would then do more to keep you from seeing clearly while driving.

Using Too Much Pressure While Using a Kit

If you have decided that using a homemade solution is not a good idea, you may then decide to try using a do-it-yourself kit to repair the damaged glass. While these kits may help some with filling the crack or chip, not knowing how to properly use it could cause even more damage.

If you do not use the right amount of pressure while using the filler in the kit, one of two things could happen. First, the crack or chip could increase in size. Second, and worse, you could end up shattering the entire windshield, especially if the auto glass's integrity is compromised past what damage you could see.

When you try to repair your own cracked or chipped windshield, you could wind up increasing the damage, requiring more costly repairs than if you had it done professionally. Instead of attempting a home remedy, take your car to a shop that offers auto glass repair services so they can fix the damage for you.