If you are ready to buy a new car and have decided that you want a sports car, such as a Corvette, Mustang, etc., this is a good choice. Most sports cars are beautiful and will turn heads as you are driving down the road. When you start looking at these cars, you will have many features available to you that you should consider. Below are two of these features to look for before getting your new car into your garage.

Safety Features

Most cars today come standard with safety features, but you should still make sure of this. For example, anti-lock brakes, also known as ABS brakes, can sense if your tires stop rotating when you brake. The ABS system will then alter the brake pressure. This will help your sports car turn much better if you are braking and turning at the same time.

You should look for the stability control safety feature also. This will cause your car to automatically sense if you have gone above the handling limits. If you do this, the stability control feature will reduce the engine's power and apply your breaks to help prevent you from losing control of your car.

Besides the standard front seat airbags, choose a car that also has side impact airbags. This will protect you and any passenger in your car if you are in a collision and hit from the side.

Security System

A sports car could be broken into and stolen because it is such a beautiful car. To help prevent this from happening you should make sure the car you choose has a security system installed. One way this can help you is if someone were to break into the car, the engine will not start unless the original key that came with your car is used.

Besides not being able to start the car, the headlights will start blinking and the horn will start honking non-stop if the car is broken into, such as if a window is broken. In many cases, someone will leave quickly if the horn is honking and the lights are flashing.

There are also anti-theft devices that you can choose. With this, sensors are installed around the car. When the anti-theft device is activated, these sensors will detect any kind of movement around the car and inside the car. Similar to a security system, once the movement is detected, an alarm will sound alerting you and others around the car that someone is breaking into it.

Talk with the salesperson about these features, as well as other features that are available to you. They can give you much more information about them to help you decide what you would like for your new sports car.