Have you noticed problems with your vehicle's transmission, such as acceleration being delayed when getting onto the freeway? If so, this is a problem with your transmission that you may not know how to deal with. If you continue to ignore the problem, it will only cause the transmission to get worse over time and lead to an expensive repair. Consider these fixes to get your transmission in good shape again

Add More Transmission Fluid

Your transmission uses hydraulic pressure to change the gears of the vehicle. One component that allows this to happen is transmission fluid, which helps ensure that not too much or too little pressure is used. If you have low transmission fluid, it will prevent the transmission from changing gears easily and cause slipping to occur.

If you think your vehicle is low on transmission fluid, all you need to do is check the levels under the hood. There should be a fill-line of where the transmission fluid needs to be for the transmission to work properly, so just add more fluid until it's at the right level. See if it makes a difference next time you drive your vehicle.

Replace The Transmission Fluid

Sometimes adding more transmission fluid is not enough to fix your vehicle. That is because the transmission fluid's overall quality can have an effect on how the transmission works. You may have topped off your transmission fluid and still discovered that the transmission is slipping.

A key sign of bad transmission fluid is overheating. You'll notice a burning odor in your car, and if you inspect the fluid, you'll notice that it looks burnt. The color will be black instead of its bright red color. In this case, you'll need to completely flush the transmission fluid and replace it. The new fluid should help the gears change much smoother, preventing those occasional slips.

Replace The Transmission Bands

Your transmission has bands that can become worn down over time, eventually causing them to break. If this happens, the problems with your transmission will be unavailable. If you've flushed the fluid of your transmission and you still have problems, have a mechanic inspect the transmission bands for damage. All it may take is replacing the bands with brand new ones to prevent the transmission from slipping.

Taking care of your vehicle is key to having it run smoothly on your road. Whenever you are in doubt about your vehicle's performance, have a local automotive repair shop look at it for you.