Have you noticed a problem where your brakes are dragging on one side of your vehicle, and you're not sure why? If so, you'll want to know some common reasons why this can happen.

Frozen Caliper 

A common reason for this problem with dragging brakes is a frozen caliper. What's happening is that the caliper is damaged and is constantly putting pressure on the rotor, which can cause that particular side to drag. A mechanic will likely investigate this problem first before looking at other reasons. 

You could have a problem with the brake caliper bolts that are not allowing the caliper to slide over them due to a lack of lubrication or a sticky substance on them. It can also be due to the brake caliper slides themselves that are broken, and the brake pad won't slide back all the way to its default position. You could also have a problem with a broken seal around a piston, which has caused moisture to get inside the part and cause corrosion.

Misaligned Caliper

The caliper itself may actually be in good shape, but something has happened to cause it to become misaligned while you were driving. This means that you do not need to purchase any new parts, just have a mechanic realign the caliper and you'll be on your way. 

Why would a caliper become misaligned? It can happen for many reasons, such as hitting a curb or being in a small accident. Even hitting a large pothole can be enough to cause the caliper to come out of proper alignment and cause your brakes to drag. 

Damaged Brake Line

It's possible for the brake line to deteriorate over time, which is going to cause a problem with the brakes dragging. The brake fluid will go through the brake line and go into the caliper when you push down on the brake pedal, and when you release the pedal the brake fluid leaves the caliper. However, a deteriorating brake line can act like a one-way valve. The fluid will go into the caliper and will either stay there or release very slowly when you take your foot off the brakes. Replacing the damaged brake line can potentially be an easy solution to this problem.

If you suspect something is wrong with your brakes due to them dragging, take your vehicle to a local mechanic to have them inspected and repaired.  

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