An office trailer provides a safe environment that's free of the outdoor elements to work in, but they can feel a bit crowded if clients will be visiting on a regular basis. Here are a few things you can do to make your office trailer look and feel more spacious to clients:

Implement Floating Shelves

Bookshelves and filing cabinets tend to take up a lot of floor space and can make a small room look cluttered, so consider foregoing floor shelving and drawers in favor of floating shelves instead. Install floating shelves along the top third of your office walls to hold books, paperwork, and filing baskets. This will free up your floor space for furnishings and walking room yet still have enough storage space for your belongings and knick-knacks. Paint the shelves a hue or red, yellow, or orange to brighten them up and provide some extra eye appeal. You can even use stencils to create unique designs on them.

Create an Outdoor Waiting Area

If you expect to have multiple clients visit you each day and there is a chance that some of them will have to wait until you're available, set up an outdoor waiting area for them, so they don't have to crowd the inside of your office. Start by installing an awning over the front door of your office to create a roof and then use some screen to close the awning in for rain, wind, and dust protection. From them, you can simply set some chairs around the edge of the space and then decorate with plants, end tables, and magazines.

Have Skylights Installed

Another excellent way to make your office trailer look and feel bigger is to have a couple of skylights installed in the roof. Have at least two skylights installed to increase natural light within the space and make it possible to see the trees and other outdoor elements. This should open the space up and make it feel much roomier when multiple people are spending time in the space together. Apply insulation film to the skylights to tint them and minimize glare within your office – the insulation film will also improve heat gain and loss as well as protect the flooring and furniture in your office from harmful UV rays.

These tips and tricks should help make it easy to create a spacious and comfortable environment or you and your clients to enjoy. For more information, contact companies like Instant Space Inc.