Home window tinting is highly beneficial for energy savings and the increased comfort it provides. If you have recently had home window tinting installed, you will want to know how to take care of it so that it lasts a long time and you continue to reap all the benefits. Here are four things you should avoid when cleaning your tinted windows:

  1. Cleaning the Windows Before the Tint Has Cured: When you first have the window tint installed, you need to wait for a certain amount of time before you can actually clean your windows. Otherwise, once you start cleaning the windows, the tint film can slide off or become disfigured. The tint needs time to cure to the window and the amount of time that it needs will all depend on the size, type of tint, and current weather conditions. The professional who installed your windows should provide an estimated time when cleaning your windows is going to be okay again. 
  2. Cleaning With Ammonia Based Products: Once you are ready to clean the windows, do not use any cleaner that contains ammonia. This is because ammonia is so strong it can damage the tint, discolor the tint, and even weaken the tint. Once this happens, your windows will start to look yellow and your home will quickly stop reaping all the benefits of having tinted windows. 
  3. Cleaning With Hard Bristles, Sponges, or Paper Towels: If you use any abrasive sponges, brushes, or paper towels to clean the windows, you will most likely scratch the surface of the window tint. To avoid this, you will want to use soft cloths, not rags, to wipe the windows clean. You may even consider a squeegee, which is made with a soft rubber tip that will ensure that the window tint is not scratched while also effectively wiping the windows clean. 
  4. Applying too Much Pressure: Finally, when you are cleaning the windows, be careful not to apply too much pressure when wiping the surface clean. Even though you are using a safe soft cloth or squeegee, if you are applying too much pressure, it can still damage the tint and cause it to bubble or be moved off the window. 

When you avoid these four things when cleaning your tinted windows, you can be sure that the cleaning job is done effectively and that your window tint will last for a long time. For more information, contact local professionals like Mid America Window Tint Specialist.