During the summer, you want to feel cool when you drive around with your air conditioning without sacrificing your comfort, here are four simple ways you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your vehicle's air conditioning.

#1 Leave Your Windows Cracked

If safe to do so where you are parked, leave your windows cracked a little bit. This will help keep your car a little cooler and make it easier and faster to cool off when you get inside of your vehicle. Just an inch or so will help keep your vehicle a little cooler.

#2 Cover Up The Glass

When you leave your vehicle parked outside during the summer, cover up the glass. There are lots of glass covers that you can easily pop-up and over your windshield to help reduce the effects of the sunlight hitting your car. Most car glass covers are designed to reflect UV rays and heat away from your vehicle. You can use these to cover up your front and back windshields, and there are even covers you can put on your side windows as well.

#3 Vent Out The Hot Air

When your vehicle is sitting in the hot sun, it can easily get really hot inside, even if your vehicle is just sitting in the sun for a short amount of time. The best way to cool off your vehicle quickly is by opening up the windows or doors for just a minute or two. This will allow the hot air that has built up to quickly leave your vehicle. If you just get in and turn on the air conditioning, it will take longer for your vehicle to cool off than if you allow the hot air to exit quickly through the windows or doors.

#4 Blast It

When you have let the hot air out, turn on your air conditioning to the highest possible setting for the temperature and the highest setting for the fan speed. This will help move out the largest quantity of warm and hot air from your vehicle at the fastest rate. It will help ensure that the air is cooled off at the fastest rate possible and re-circulated throughout your vehicle, dropping the temperature inside of your vehicle quickly.

Once the temperature has cooled off to a degree that you are comfortable with, reduce the blower or fan speed and turn the temperature down to a more normal setting. The air will get a little colder, as most air condition systems blow out cooler air when the fan speeds are lower. However, the best way to quickly cool off your car is by using high fan speeds first than switching to lower fan speeds. 

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