If your car is acting up, there can be a wide variety of reasons for the problem. When your car is making loud noises or is having difficulty getting into gear, this could be a sign that your transmission is failing. Your transmission is a vital, expensive part of your vehicle. If the problem is with your transmission, ignoring the problem is only going to make it worse. You may be able to get your transmission repaired, but if you wait too long, you will probably need an entirely new one. Here are some of the top signs that indicate your transmission is causing your car problems.

Your Car Doesn't Respond to Gear Changes

A lack of response or a delayed response is a sign that your transmission is struggling to get your car into gear. This is what your transmission's primary job is, to get your car into the gear you indicate. For example, if you put the car in reverse and it takes five seconds for your car to start going backwards, this is a delayed response.

Your Car Is Whining or Banging

When a transmission is starting to fail, it can make all kinds of noises. The banging noise coming from your car can be a broken or chipped gear that is on the inside of your transmission. If you notice the sound when you go from park to any other gear, this is probably due to an internal transmission problem.

You Smell a Burning Smell

If your transmission gets too hot, the transmission fluid within starts to oxidize. If you ignore the problem, eventually the oxidized fluid will destroy the transmission. If you smell a burning smell when you are driving your car, it's time to get your transmission fluid changed and the transmission checked. 

Your Car Shakes When Shifting Gears

Even when you don't hear loud noises coming from your car, you may feel a grinding or shaking when you switch gears. Like the banging noise, this is usually due to worn out or chipped gears inside your transmission and needs to be fixed right away.

Other clear signs that your transmission is causing your car problems is if you notice transmission fluid leaking on your driveway or your car won't stay in gear. If you are having trouble driving your car and you aren't sure what the problem is, it's time to bring your car to a mechanic to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

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