If your family runs a garage and you have a single tow truck that you use to run pickups, then it is important that the truck is in excellent shape. You want to maintain the truck as it is so vital a part of your families business. You might have an account with one of the large roadside assistance firms, and if they get too many complaints about your truck or your service (failure to show up because of a problem with your tow truck) then you could loose the account.

So, here are some important things to get done to your diesel truck and make sure your business will prosper.

Install a Cold Air Intake

One of the best ways to boost the performance of your diesel truck is to swap out the current air intake system and install a cold air intake system. Cold air intake systems improve your trucks performance in a few ways. First, you get more cold air into the engine. The colder air is denser and has more oxygen than hot air and this means better combustion. Secondly, when the cold air intake system is installed, it moves the air intake pipe away from the engine block and you have more free flowing air available. The less air restriction, the better it is for your engine.

Add an Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tank

An extra fuel tank is going to be especially helpful, especially if your garage is located in a rural area. The tow truck might be away from base and immediate access to diesel fuel, and be called out to do a tow. This could require a huge number of miles, especially if the people you pick up don't want to be towed back to your garage, but somewhere else, which depending on their roadside assistance contract, they can request.

As a tow truck operator who has a contract with these huge roadside assistance companies you will have to take them where they want (you still get paid) so it's important that your truck have extra fuel storage. You might not find a gas station in the middle of the night with diesel , so it's just prudent to have a auxiliary tank installed.

Get Larger Nozzles on Your Fuel Injectors

Finally, you might want to replace the nozzles on your fuel injectors. Larger nozzles will force more fuel into the engine. You do not have to replace the actual fuel injectors unless they are cracked. If they are (which might be possible on a very old tow truck) then you should swap them out as well and pick up a set of performance, aftermarket fuel injectors with large nozzles. However, if the injectors are not damaged, then you can make do with swapping out only the nozzles.

For more information about upgrades or repairs, contact companies that do diesel truck repair in your community.