With the abundance of cold temperatures and icy precipitation in many parts of the country, it is tempting to book a vacation to a warm destination. If you plan to book a cruise, one trip detail that you need to consider is how you are going to get to the cruise terminal from the airport or from the cruise terminal to the airport once the cruise is over. Though booking a cruise transport service is one option, another alternative is to rent a car. Here are a few ways that car rental can add to the enjoyment of your cruise.

1. Renting a Car Lets You Travel to the Cruise Terminal on Your Time

One of the biggest downsides to using a cruise transport service is that you have to travel based on the company's schedule. This may not be a huge deal if there is a short amount of time between your flight and boarding for your cruise. However, if you have a significant chunk of time, it makes little sense to sit around the cruise terminal or the airport just waiting for your transportation.

Instead, take advantage of the time that you have in a new city to do a little exploring. You can have lunch, explore famous neighborhoods, or take in some of the area's most famous sights. By renting a car, you can make the most of your vacation.

2. If Your Flight Gets Delayed, You Aren't Stuck at the Airport

Upon the return of your cruise, rent a vehicle and drive yourself to the airport rather than using a cruise shuttle service. A drawback to flying is that flights are frequently delayed. You may have hours or even an entire day until your rescheduled flight. Without a vehicle, you will be stuck at the airport trying to kill time.

If you rent a car, you can leave the airport and enjoy your time rather then spending it with other frustrated travelers. In the event that you need to rent a hotel, you have transportation to get to a spot that meets your needs. Many hotels located within extremely close proximity to the airport tend to book all of their rooms if there are widespread cancellations.

3. It Can Be More Cost Effective to Rent a Car

With a cruise transport service, you typically pay per person for transportation. If you have a large family or are traveling with friends, you can actually save money by renting a car.

For example, assume you can rent a car for $100 a day (including all taxes, fees, and gas). You have a family of 5, and it is $30 per person for the cruise transportation service ($150 total). Renting a car will actually save you $50.