If you have a vehicle that needs to be towed from your home to a repair shop, but you are worried about the cost, there are some ways you can try to lessen the expense. The towing companies work as fast as they can throughout the day, and sometimes you have to wait for hours, even if you are in a bind.

You want to call around to at least 2-3 towing companies before you choose what one will be the most affordable and practical. Do these things to see if you can save some cash when calling a towing company for service.

Ask Your Auto Insurance Carrier About Coverage

Ask your auto insurance company if they offer any type of towing coverage, or a towing discount. Even if they only pay 10-20 percent, this is still money that you will be saving at the end of the day. They may also have a specific towing company that they work with, and that connection could get you a lowered rate.

Check Credit Card Perks and Points

If you have a credit card, you may have a free tow waiting for you. Some credit cards offer points that you can redeem for different things like towing or oil changes. Call your credit card and see if you have a free tow waiting for you, or if you can use your points for this.

Ask About Waiting to Save

You should ask about waiting on the list of tows to see if this can save you some money. If the towing companies are especially busy and you are willing to wait until the end of the day or even the next day to have your car towed, they may be able to knock some of the cost off the service fee for you, and then they don't lose the job. They can do it when they have a driver available instead of right away.

The towing company may have online coupons or deals if you are taking the vehicle to a specific mechanical shop, so ask about any of these potential deals as well when you call and start to get a cost. If you need to have your vehicle towed from a spot where it stopped working but this isn't something that you need to have done urgently, take the time to call around and find out if you have any points or coverage options you can use, or to see how you can save.