People purchase cars, trucks, and SUVs with diesel engines for a number of reasons — a diesel engine has better fuel efficiency and gas mileage than a normal gas-powered engine, typically lasts much longer than a standard engine, and also provides more power and torque. While there are many benefits of diesel engines, they still require maintenance, and at times they may need to be repaired by a mechanic who specializes in working on diesel engines. Luckily, many common problems with diesel engines can be fixed. Some of the top reasons a diesel engine requires repair include the following.

Emitting Black Exhaust

It can be quite annoying to drive a diesel vehicle and then see a big black cloud of exhaust emitting from the exhaust pipe when you accelerate from a stop. If you are a new diesel vehicle owner, it is normal to be quite alarmed the first time you see thick, black exhaust coming out of your automobile. The good news is that black exhaust doesn't mean that your diesel engine needs to be replaced or undergo extremely expensive repairs. In most cases, black exhaust in a diesel vehicle is caused by problems with an injector, an air filter, an injector pump, or a valve.

Difficulty Starting

A diesel engine may differ from a standard gas-powered engine in several ways, but it should still start right up. If your diesel vehicle begins exhibiting signs of hard starting or it takes several tries to get the vehicle to start, it may be due to an issue with the engine system. In some cases, the problem may be tied to something wrong with fuel delivery to the engine, or low compression. Any time you suddenly have problems starting your diesel vehicle, it is a good idea to take your automobile to a diesel mechanic to have the issue diagnosed and repaired before you damage the engine.


No engine should be driven when it at an unsafe temperature, but it is especially important to keep a diesel engine from getting too hot. Continual overheating of a diesel engine can damage it beyond repair. Thus, if your diesel vehicle overheats while you are driving, it is essential to immediately turn it off and let it cool down. Don't continue driving even after it has cooled down — you need a mechanic to inspect the engine to figure out why it overheated so repairs can be made and it doesn't overheat again in the future.

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