Transmissions don't generally cause problems with your vehicle until you reach over 100,000 miles. A transmission fluid leak can lead to early problems with your transmission, and a leak can be caused by damage after an accident or because of a faulty seal. The first signal that you need to have transmission repair done is if your transmission warning light goes on. Don't ignore any dashboard warning lights, as they signal that something is wrong with your vehicle. Even if you simply have low transmission fluid, it's important to get the issue repaired before it causes further damage to your vehicle. Poor gear shifting or delays in engagement are other signs your transmission needs work.

You Find Pink or Red Fluid Below Your Vehicle

Transmission fluid can leak out of your vehicle, leaving a pink- or red-colored puddle below your vehicle. Transmission fluid is colored on purpose to be easy to identify, and it is red in color. While your transmission warning light should go on if you have a transmission fluid leak, it may not be substantial enough in the beginning to trip the warning light.

You Have Delayed Engagement Issues

Delayed engagement occurs when you put your car into gear, and it doesn't engage right away. This can be subtle, where you hardly notice a change in how your vehicle runs. The problem can become more obvious as well, refusing to move for a second or more when you put your car into reverse from park or from park into drive. Delayed engagement is almost always a problem with your transmission.

You Have Trouble Getting Up to Speed

If you find yourself driving on the highway and you have trouble with acceleration, a number of issues could be going on. When you have too much condensation in your gas tank, this can lead to fuel that needs dry gas in order for your car to accelerate more effectively. Problems with holes in your exhaust system can make it hard for your vehicle to accelerate. Transmission issues can also lead to a difficulty getting your car up to speed on the highway, so it's important to get your car serviced if it doesn't have the same acceleration speed it did before.

Transmission issues can occur at any time, especially if you have been in an accident that causes a fluid leak. If you struggle to get your car up to speed or the transmission warning light is on, get your transmission looked at right away. For more information, contact companies like B G & S Transmissions.